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Rally Mufflers was established in 2002 in Sacramento, CA.

If you are living in this area and you need a new exhaust pipe or a performance muffler, contact us now. We have proven to our current clients that we’re a reputable service provider, and they know that they can rely on our expertise whenever they need us. You can read more about our services below on this page.

Muffler installation

There are many reasons why would you need a new muffler installed. If you have any doubts, bring your car to us and we will make the right decisions for you. You can also check for any rust by yourself, and if it’s too much, especially on the interior parts, you should definitely take advantage of our muffler replacement services. We provide the right tools and knowledge for this process, so if you’re hesitant about your muffler’s condition, leave this to us and will find the most suitable option.

Choosing the right muffler

The basic purpose of any muffler is to minimize the engine noise and reduce the back pressure. However, there are different types of mufflers, for different kind of cars. Be welcome to our muffler shop, where we would offer you the perfect product for your vehicle. No matter if you’re going to need a standard muffler or a high-performance one, we will help you with your choice. Basically, the question is: single or a dual exhaust? We know. We are also providing custom exhaust for any special occasions and tastes.
Although we are mostly specialized in muffler services, we can offer any brake repair service and car radiator repair solutions as well.

Rally Mufflers

Sacramento, CA
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Rally Mufflers is an experienced company willing to provide you with a remarkable muffler service. If you are located in Sacramento, CA, or any of the surroundings neighborhoods, including , feel free to visit us. You can also reach us on the phone at (916) 387-6728.


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Rally Mufflers
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